Whitfield CE Primary Curriculum

School Values in our Curriculum
As  a Church of England school, we teach at least one hour of Religious Education a week. However, our school values are embedded into much more than this subject area. As a village school, the community matters to us. We welcome parents into the life of the school: as volunteers or experts in lessons. There are also regular opportunities for parents and grandparents to join in lessons and activities.
Life in modern Britain
Attending a small village school has many, many advantages. However, there is a perception that pupils' outlook on life and experience of the wider world may be restricted. At Whitfield Primary, we strive to ensure that this is not the case. Because our children have increasing access to social media and websites, e-safety is taught at the beginning of every year. There is more information on this in the "Parents" page. This year, our school took part in a European Christmas Tree project, exchanging cards, decorations and information with schools all over Europe. Many children from Years 3 and 4 visited London in November, receiving a tour of the Houses of Parliament. The younger children are finding out more about London through their topic work this term. Excitingly, the children in Class 3 will be taking part in "Make/Shift". Keep up to date with this project through blogs on out website when it starts in June.
If you want to find out more about what is happening in each class this term, visit their page or ask a teacher. We are happy to talk to you.