Friends of Whitfield Primary School

The parents and community of Whitfield have formed a Friends of Whitfield Primary School group. The aim is to support the school by raising funds. They have a group email list, and hold regular meetings to which anyone is welcome to join, and to suggest ways of developing the relationship between parents and the school.
They have been working very hard since for the last 9 months, fundraising and developing the relationship between parents and the school.  The Friends organise singing on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, before lessons start.  They have also introduced a gardening club on Thursdays, and have been encouraging members of the community to help with extra reading and numeracy during school time.
They have been hugely supportive of the school since the consultation to close was announced:  they have created an online petition which has nearly 1000 signatures, which you can sign here.  They managed to get over 500 handwritten signatures within 24 hours of the consultation announcement, and have organised two community fundraisers that have generated £2400 so far. 
For information about their activities, or any fundraising plans in the pipeline, or if you wish to become a Friend of Whitfield please email and she will forward to the Friends secretary to add you onto the email list.
If you would like to donate to the Friends of Whitfield fundraising plans, please click on the following link.