Friends of Whitfield Primary School

The parents and community of Whitfield have formed a Friends of Whitfield Primary School group. The aim is to support the school by raising funds. They have a group email list, and hold regular meetings on the first Tuesday of each half term to which everyone is invited.
They work really hard for our school fundraising and supporting the children's education with wonderful creativity.  The Friends organise singing on Thursday mornings before lessons start.  They run a gardening club on Tuesdays and are extremely supportive of our enrichment afternoons on Fridays.
The friends worked extremely hard to save our school when it was under threat of closure in 2016 and their legacy of saving this village school will always be gratefully remembered. 
They have raised substantial amounts of money that meant children here enjoy a much richer curriculum and school life.
If you would like to donate to the Friends of Whitfield fundraising plans, please click on the following link.